Course description

Are you interested in crime and punishment? Do you want to understand why some people commit crimes? How can we prevent crime? What effect does punishment have on people? Why is gang crime increasing in the world?

If you're interested in these questions, you've found the right education! 

The criminology program consists of four course modules that will provide you with the knowledge you'll need to work as a criminologist. There is growing interest in criminology in the job market, with new professions emerging in the field.

As a criminologist, you can work in organizations such as the Police, Customs, municipalities, the Prison and Probation Service, the Migration Agency, the  Council for Crime Prevention, the County Administrative Board, or various private companies. In this program, you will study theories and methods that can help you answer these questions.

The goal of the education is for you to become a confident and competent criminologist who can tackle new challenges! This education will give you broad knowledge.

You will, among other things, learn:

  • What is a crime?
  • What is deviant behavior?
  • Offender profiling - How does the police work to identify a perpetrator?
  • Crime statistics - You will learn how to interpret statistics.
  • Psychological and sociological theories to explain criminality
  •  Crime prevention - How can we prevent crime from happening?
  • The legal system and penalties
  • Victimology - Victims of crime In the first sub-course

"What is criminology?" we will cover the history of criminology as well as what defines crime and punishment and how it has evolved throughout history.

 We will then delve into different theories to explain why some people commit criminal acts. You will learn a lot!

The education consists of four modules. Together, they provide a thorough introduction to the profession of criminology. 

The training covers about 10-12 weeks of full-time studies.
You can study at any study pace.


We need to receive your registration in writing via the contact form or send us an email. Indicate which course the application refers to. Welcome to register and let your successful journey start with us! If you have any questions before registering, email support@academyonlineuk.co.uk


The fee for the professional training course Certified Criminologist is 1430 GBP (357.5/module). Or 1675 EURO (419/module). All fees include VAT.

There are 3 payment options:

We can send you an invoice and you pay to our bank account. One invoice for the total amount or you can pay per module. 

You can also pay with Master- and VISA card or PayPal.

Send in the contact form or send us an email and inform us how you would like to pay. support@academyonlineuk.co.uk

Head teacher

Hanna Dresler

Licensed teacher in criminology
Behavioral scientist