Certified in

Food Service Management

Course description

This course is designed for Aspiring Food and Beverage Professionals to help them better understand the various facets of Food and Beverage Operations. The curriculum is resourceful to those who are keen on furthering their career in Hospitality and Food and Beverage Operations. With Sections on the Varied Fields of F&B Operations, detail on Franchising, Management Companies and Government Services, we also re-enforce the basics on various types of services, table settings, equipment used in service, types of menus, types of service operations, food garnishes and accompaniments, and various standard operating procedures followed by food and beverage service business.

Presented in easy to navigate electronic modules.

Set out in a series of 7 focused modules, this course is designed to provide the students with in-depth insight into the practice of Food Service Management.

With topics ranging from Operational Planning, External forces affecting the Industry, Managing Franchise, Chain and Independent Operations and the related relationship Controls to Planning and Leadership & Directing – 5 Weeks of part time or 4 Weeks of full-time study will provide an excellent base to kick start a career.

The training covers about 4 weeks of full-time studies.

You can study at any study pace.


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The fee for the professional training course Certified in Food Service Management is 1322 GBP (189/module). Or 1549 EURO (221.5/module). All fees include VAT.

There are 3 payment options: 

We can send you an invoice and you pay to our bank account. One invoice for the total amount or you can pay per module. 

You can also pay with Master- and VISA card or PayPal.

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Head teacher

Gavin E. Hughes M.H.M, M.S.P.M
Senior Vice President Global Hospitality Operations
and Founder / Managing Director EVS Hotel-Pro Consulting

My Industry recognitions are:
Senior Member of 6 Continents Hoteliers Organisation, since 2012
Fellow of The Institute of Hospitality, since 200
Senior Member of World Chefs Association, since 1998

My Formal Qualifications are:
Master’s degree in Hospitality and Casino Management - Cornell University - New York (2014)
Associate Degree in Hotel Operations (Cruise Liners) - University of Wollongong - Australia (2008)
Master’s degree in Hotel Project Management - Berkeley University - New York (2010)