Course description

Interested in working with gardening and plants? Now is your chance to learn the fundamentals of gardening, whether you want to enhance your own garden or actively assist customers in optimizing or creating new outdoor spaces. From balconies to expansive yards, the opportunity to cultivate a green oasis is always within reach with a bit of effort and care! This horticultural education encompasses various aspects of gardening and plants, ranging from soil and nutrition to plantings and plant zones.

Gardening offers a rewarding profession with tasks that evolve throughout the seasons. As a Certified Gardener, you can contribute to enhancing and creating outdoor environments. The training includes theoretical insights through screen recordings and practical work in the garden, allowing you to apply your knowledge to optimize your garden or assist customers in creating their ideal green space.

Engaging in physical work provides a dynamic way to stay active, and many find joy in working hands-on with plants. Beyond the personal satisfaction, you'll also derive income from helping others achieve the optimal garden environment in their homes. The training covers essential topics such as the cycle and decomposition process, composting, and fostering a sustainable society through recycling.

Gardens and patios often serve as central points in homes, fostering socialization and enjoyment of pleasant weather. As a Gardener, you play a key role in creating an environment that can be cherished for years to come.

The training covers about 4-5 weeks of full-time studies.

You can study at any study pace.


We need to receive your registration in writing via the contact form or send us an email. Indicate which course the application refers to. Welcome to register and let your successful journey start with us! If you have any questions before registering, email support@academyonlineuk.co.uk


The fee for the professional training course Certified Gardener is 1172.5 GBP (391/module). Or 1373 EURO (458/module). All fees include VAT.

There are 3 payment options:

We can send you an invoice and you pay to our bank account. One invoice for the total amount or you can pay per module. 

You can also pay with Master- and VISA card or PayPal.

Send in the contact form or send us an email and inform us how you would like to pay. support@academyonlineuk.co.uk

Head teacher

Greg Efverman