Work with us

Are you an expert on a subject that you want to share with others? Do you have an idea that you want to turn into an online course? 

Then you've come to the right place! You create the content and material. We help you get started and take care of everything around, i.e. production, marketing, sales and administration. Academy Online is a publisher for online courses. We collaborate with training creators, that is, with you who want to create online courses. 

If we think that there is a market for your education/course, we will market it through our contact network. You start and create the content for the training and we then produce it for the course portal together with you. You have continuous contact with the students for questions and give feedback on their assignments. You choose when you work with your students in the course portal and respond to emails, but at least twice a week. We take care of everything else. 

You get paid for every education/course we sell. Do you think this sounds fun and interesting? Then you are welcome to contact us by by emailing: 

The design of a web education

We work with professional training courses and independent courses. 

A  professional training course consists of a number of modules depending on the scope of the material. A course consists of only one module. We draw up a written agreement with each educational creator which, among other things, regulates who does what in the collaboration and how the financial distribution looks like. 


Guide - step by step

  • You have an idea about an online course
  • You write a script, preferably in Word/PDF
  • You create a detailed table of contents according to instructions
  • You transfer the content to Powerpoint or other presentation software
  • You screen record your presentation and save it in mp4
  • You may create other material such as videos, tasks and downloadables
  • You give feedback on assignments and answer student questions
  • We produce the education/course for our digital course portal
  • We start the marketing and activate partners
  • We handle continuous sales
  • We handle all administration
  • We report the sales to you monthly

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